Meet the Artists

[artists listed alphabetically]

1. John Bennett

Dr. John Bennett ventured into southwest sterling silver-making in 2015 after retiring his Ruidoso dental practice. Being trained by a well respected silversmith, he turned first to turquoise, then later to many other jewel stones.  His jewelry pieces  include pendants, rings, ear rings and bolo ties.


tel: 575-336-1064 | email: 


2. Kai Brown

Kai enjoys creating whimsical ceramics – animals, birds, flowers, colorful fantasy images adorning functional pieces like salad bowls, serving trays and tissue box holders, as well as happy clocks and nightlights.  She hopes her happy critter designs make you smile. A permanent resident of Alto, Kai also writes children’s books found on Amazon.

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3. Linda Caperton

Linda is a watercolor and fiber artist.  She shows New Mexico landscapes in its color and architectural design in a representative and impressionistic style.  She also hand dyes silk chiffon, applying wool, more silk and yarn for a wet felting technique called nuno felting, shown in wearable art, ponchos, wraps, scarves and shawls.

tel: 575-802-3433


4. Deborah Christopherson

Deborah began fusing glass several years ago in a small shop in Midtown Ruidoso, making dichroic glass jewelry and then fell in love with the process. Since that time, she has branched out into larger pieces including plates and bowls, many of which are produced with the "on the edge" technique. 

tel: 575-937-4973 | send an email

Fused and sandblasted cactus plate.JPG
Fused and sandblasted hearts plate.JPG
Fused pot melt platter.JPG

5. Barbara Cooper

Four years ago, Barbara retired and began painting in oils with a painting group that meets every week, she has also studied extensively online with Daniel Edmondson.  Her passion for composition, color, and nature is evident in her work, "I love painting and learn something new every time I paint another picture and when I study other painters’ works."  

Fishing Hole oil 24 x 12.jpeg
St Francis de Paulo in Tularosa oil 14 x 11.jpeg
Watching Alto oil Lake 16x12.jpeg

6. Zoe De Negri

Gemstones are said to have their own particular energetic properties: protective, healing, calming and so on.  Zoe feels it is interesting to set these stones and beads in appropriate shapes and designs and to feel the resulting energy of the piece.

tel: 575-336-7854 |e-mail: | web:

Tibetan painted agates turquoise and coral necklace.jpg
Ammonite pendant in sterling silver.jpeg
Zebra onyx and agate Pendant.jpg

7. Lynn Eckman

Lynn’s jewelry is created as a translation of the earth’s language into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, with each piece their own unique fingerprint and echo of their time on earth.

Unique 14kt and Sterling Silver Post Earrings.jpg
Sterling Silver cuff with 24kt gold.JPG
Uptown Collection - Necklace with Rubies and Diamonds.jpg

8. Linda Hand

Linda Hand is a native New Mexican whose love of art started at an early age when her Aunt Bernice, a professional artist, and her mother encouraged her to start painting. After that she took art lessons from local artists and in school. She has learned that art can be a social activity but is often more fulfilling when created in a solitude. Through the years Linda has tried several different mediums, but her true love is watercolor. Much of the inspiration for Linda’s art comes from the Southwest. She loves nature and the wonderful scenery of the region. Traveling is something she also enjoys and many of the ideas behind her work are from visiting new places. Linda’s artistic goal is to invoke a response – whether a memory, a feeling, or a smile.


Linda North Clear Creak Falls.jpg
Linda Josie.JPG
Linda The Road Home.JPG

9. Deborah Harris

Deborah Harris is an Oklahoma born and educated artist of several mediums: oil, watercolor and ceramics. She has exhibited in galleries in four continents and most recently at the Canal Street Gallery; Glassell School of Fine Art (in association with the Houston Museum of Fine Art); and the WASH Gallery in Houston.  Deborah owns and operates the Harris Gallery in Angus, New Mexico.



10. Priscilla Haynes

Priscilla's jewelry has a unique style that falls somewhere between dressy and casual, using precious and semi-precious stones.  Her pieces feature interesting assortments of bright colors and shapes that can be best described as free form and fun. She started selling her pieces privately, including to a CBS producer who bought a necklace she was wearing on a flight to New York. Since then, her work has been featured in several El Paso art shows, with this being her first year as part of the Alto Artists’ Studio Tour. 


11. Sid Hilburn

Sid brings over 35 years of experience in multiple media to his design of jewelry. Working with his hands to create dimensional art has always been a passion. Each piece is handcrafted by Sid using a compilation of materials and therefore every one of the handcrafted items is unique and original.


Sid Hilburn 1
Sid Hilburn 2
Sid Hilburn 3

12. Carol Hoffman

Carol is a watercolorist, canvas painter and decorative artist. She loves painting on a variety of surfaces including wood, canvas, glass, furniture, meal, paper, fabric, tile and sculptures. Carol’s distinctive style reflects a love of color, impressionism and her own version for unique and captivating compositions. Carol attends art seminars throughout the year. Her journeys have taken her from California to Pennsylvania and many states in between to develop her artistic skills.


13. Kathy Holman

Nature in its beauty and mystery is the inspiration for Kathy's pastel paintings.  She enjoys capturing the energy and bold colors of Nature inher own  expressive style.  In recent years, Kathy took up painting with a unique technique of applying pastels with a paint brush onto a special artist film. What she loves about this technique is that when the pastel painting is dry, there is subtle  soft texture that reminds her of butterfly wings.


Day Clouds pastel.jpg
Appy Spots pastel.png
Broadtail Hummingbird pastel.png

14. Patsy Massey

After retiring and moving to Ruidoso with her husband, Patsy took her first pottery class. It was love at first touch. Now she spends hours in her studio, making whimsical flower pots and garden ornaments. Her first love is sculpture, and she incorporates it into most of her work. Details include colorful flowers, birds, butterflies, rabbits, etc. Her work can also be seen year-round at Rainmakers Golf Resort in Alto.

Ceramic in process.JPG
Sculpted Ceramic Planter.JPG

15. Jane Pattillo

Jane Pattillo began making beaded jewelry in Midland, Texas in 2007. Her first projects were for friends, family and herself. Since then, she has developed a love of semi-precious gemstones. Her first business ventures were home shows which were well received by her clientele. She now participates in various tours and shows in the Alto/Ruidoso area. Jane’s goal is to make beautiful jewelry creations that are affordable for the “working woman” who wants to look fresh and professional. She asks for God’s blessing on each piece, that the woman who selects it will always feel attractive, loved and valued every time she wears it.

tel: 575-973-3214 | e-mail:


16. Lay Powell

As an artist with archaeological roots, Lay Powell has always created unique pieces that seem to summon voices from our history's rich past. To date, he has expressed a deep interest in exploring the recreation of Mimbres style pottery and continues to bring forward rare images found in petroglyphs throughout the greater Southwest and transposes them into his signature steel sculptures. 


tel: 575-937-5934 | email: 


17. Tish Rhoads

Tish started creating and designing her unique style of jewelry while working for Neiman Marcus in Dallas, TX. After retiring, she and her husband moved to New Mexico, where she continues to create her one of a kind works of art using semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold and African trade beads, as well as beads of bone and glass.

Tish #2.JPG

18/19. Steve & Madeleine Sabo

Steve and Madeleine Sabo create one of a kind wood art from locally found wood near their mountain-top studio in Nogal, New Mexico. All of their hand-crafted bowls, vessels, urns and other creative pieces have been turned on a wood lathe, sanded and finished to bring out the beauty of wood.

tel: 575-973-7999 | e-mail:

Red Oak Vessel African Pakuak Finial 6 in wide 10 in high.jpg
Maple Burl Natural Edge Bowl 4 in high by 6 in wide.jpg
Maple Oriental Box 7 in wide by 5 in high.jpg

20. Pam Schuster

Pam has always been in awe of everyday miracles.  From the smallest dust particle to the majesty of a star lit sky; through art, she has found creation.
“…to work with a delicate touch, to hammer, pierce, saw, form and torch a piece of metal; to break and imagine and melt glass, creating objects of art and jewelry…it’s magical.”


tel: (432) 208-7957



Birch Tree: This is a fused glass vessel, painted and layered with a large amount of frit (broken glass in many sizes) and fused twice, once to bind it all together and the second time to drape and shape it.

Birch Tree: This is a fused glass vessel, painted and layered with a large amount of frit (broken glass in many sizes) and fused twice, once to bind it all together and the second time to drape and shape it.

Fused Dichroic Cab in Silver: This fused glass cabochon was delicately designed and fused at 1500 degrees to reveal the beautiful colors of the glass. Then it was set in a hand fabricated and cast setting on silver.

Fused Dichroic Cab in Silver: This fused glass cabochon was delicately designed and fused at 1500 degrees to reveal the beautiful colors of the glass. Then it was set in a hand fabricated and cast setting on silver.

Boulder Opal: This Boulder Opal cabochon is set in a hand fabricated and cast silver setting.

Boulder Opal: This Boulder Opal cabochon is set in a hand fabricated and cast silver setting.


21. John Soden

John's photography expresses the emotion and beauty that he finds amidst routine life. He captures these moments by being attuned to the visual understanding of the transience of light and isolation of the subject in that light. Walking through the landscapes of our fascinating planet, it's his hope to share the aesthetic value of organic moments from everyday life.

tel: 575-937-1441 | e-mail: | web:


22. Bonnie Soley

"I love chasing the light”, Bonnie says of New Mexico. She moved to Carrizozo, NM, in 2007 with her husband, Bill, and began living her dream of painting New Mexico, capturing the kaleidoscope of colors of the landscapes in acrylics, a new medium for her. Much of Bonnie's current work is in this medium. She also loves working in pastels, primarily creating portraits of endangered species.  Growing up in Lockport, NY, she began painting at age six, when she took her first oil painting class. Over the years, she has experimented in various mediums, but concentrated in oils. In 1982 she moved to Niagara Falls, NY, and was soon experimenting with, and teaching, stained glass, in addition to painting. Her paintings and stained glass creations have been displayed in a number of shows in Niagara Falls, at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center, where she still maintains a studio. Her work can be seen locally at Art Ruidoso. 


tel: 716-316-5863 | e-mail: | web:

Adirondack Morn.JPG

23. Mark Stambaugh

Mark Stambaugh has lived in the Alto area since 1987, and now specializes in wildlife and nature photography.  His love for New Mexico is evident in the landscapes that he captures.  From snow covered shots of Sierra Blanca, to wildlife images of elk, wild horses, and birds, Mark Stambaugh Photography captures the scenic beauty of the Ruidoso area.

Email: | Website:


24. Sally Wimberly

Sally’s life passion is painting and drawing. Starting in water colors, she has since expanded into acrylics, pastel, and mixed media as well as water colors. Painting from her own photographs, or “en plein air”, her paintings are primarily representational/impressionism, some more loosely rendered than others. Her subjects are varied and she loves the colors New Mexico has to offer. Her art can also be seen at the Art Ruidoso gallery.


Paradise Found.jpg
The Trees are Magic.jpg
Sunny Welcome.jpg